'Jet Set' consists of 5 dynamic and talented musicians providing a quality of performance like no other band out there!

From the high-energy party sets to the laid back lounge sets, Jet Set deliver a unique and outstanding night of musical entertainment.

Concentrating their efforts between a variety of private functions, corporate events, weddings, nightclubs, hotels, casinos, and cruise ships; the band take pride in capturing the spirit and energy of the original artists they are covering, ensuring that you will always hear the classic songs performed to their full effect, often described as 'just like the real thing'! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Celena leads the band with her versatile vocals, the band line up typically consists of Guitar, Keyboards, Bass and Drums. However, it can be tailored for any requirements and additional members can be brought in taking the line up to a 12 piece, including a sensational brass section and additional vocalists.

As a function band they usually play two 45 minute party sets dressed to the clients requirements. Furthermore, they are very adaptable. For example, one recent gig required an early piano-vocal ballad set, guitar and bass acoustic set and then the full band line up for the party set. Another recent example required three sets comprising: 40 minutes of 70's disco classics, 40 minutes of 80's hits and a further 40 minutes of 90's and modern chart hits whilst in full costume and themed attire. 


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